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Why a blog?

The idea comes by the awareness that the current context, characterized by tremendous economic and social transformations needs to be told from a different perspective through innovative tools.
And here it is, “TellwithData” that is to say telling stories through the data.
It is a blog focused on topical issues but also and mainly a lab of data journalism, a new type of journalism conceived to value the increased role that numerical data play in the production and distribution of information in the digital era.
The starting point is (open) data, but in the end, the objective of this kind of journalism is always the same, that is to say: telling stories and satisfy the curiosity of readers; in a new way, interactive, by means of charts, maps, dynamic visualizations.
Anyway, Data Journalism never loses sight of the traditional 5 Ws that still remain a focal point for all those aiming to be a journalist.